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Are you genuinely interested in purchasing and securing the lawful mineral rights of a Mining Claim, but are understandably troubled and concerned of becoming a victim or falling prey to a scam of slick tactics and counterfeit promises professed by the "so called" mining experts or individuals of unsavory character and intent?


Many people earnestly wish and desire to start the process of taking purposeful action needed to convert their life's dreams into something tangible and real. Many people are resolute and decisive in taking this action, but with time, may waiver, delay and reluctantly second-guess the practical wisdom of doing so. This hyper vigilant caution undermines the intuitive reasoning upon which the essential nature of their original intent or dream may have been founded upon--eventually causing them to openly renounce life long aspirations largely due to the natural fear of getting duped-ripped off-or taken to the cleaners.


With Gold continuing on the rise, an exceptional, yet limited window of opportunity currently exist for individuals to acquire a realistic stake and interest in bona fide mineral properties and gold mining claims. All of the claims being offered by 2Prospectors.com are situated in historically productive gold Mining Districts of the Western U.S.A.


Regardless of personal motive, whether it be to lock in an enviable position in a rapidly dwindling market of meritorious mining claims, or to purchase and exclusively own the mineral rights to a mining property from which to potentially produce raw gold from, or to provide a realistic hedge of protection against the declining dollar during uncertain times, individuals who invest with the intent of acquiring a mineral resource estate, for whatever personal reason, are intuitively aware of their inherent need to do so.


By and far the vast majority of claim owners, individuals and professionals privately or publicly selling mining claims are hard working "miner-like folks" of sound character and abundant integrity. Unfortunately, as in all things, it only take "a few rotten apples to spoil the whole barrel".


While this booming, "New Frontier of the American Wild West" may still abound with ample opportunity, prudence and caution must be exercised.  As in the days of the "Old West", the present opportunity also breeds its share of con-artist, charlatans and persons of unscrupulous motives and intent.


That is why we here at 2Prospectors.com have put together this Report as a checklist so as to assure you that your hard won dollars will be safeguarded in the purchase of your Mining Claim, but;

       Even if you don't buy a Claim from 2Prospectors.com , don't buy a claim period...             until you have the affirmative answers to these vital questions. 

8 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing A Gold Mining Claim

    • Has the Mining Claim Been Legally And Lawfully Located Upon Lands Open For Location?
    • Has the Claim or Mineral Property Been Properly Posted--Staked and is the Claim Legally Compliant ?
    • Does the Seller Have The Skills and Experience from which to Offer the purchaser a "Guarantee Of Title"?
    • Has the Claim or Mineral Property been Duly and Properly Recorded at the County Level?
    • Has the Claim or Mineral Property been Duly and Properly Recorded at the Federal (BLM) Level?
    • Does the Claim or Mineral┬áProperty Conform and Comply with Federal and State Legal Statutes?
    • Is the Claim or Mineral Property Senior in Location To Junior Claimants and Free from Land/Title Disputes?
    • Is the Mineral Estate well Documented by a Sequentially Solid Chain of Title established by a┬áSenior Abstract of Mineral Title?

Caveat Emptor: The above 8 questions need to be positively answered and confirmed to your complete satisfaction,

prior to committing to purchasing "any" mining claim, from "anyone".

These 8 vital questions are the minimum standards that any prudent person should insist upon prior to entering into a transaction of sale and purchase.


The importance of confirming that these prerequisite standards are in place can not be overstated, for they are the foundational yardstick upon which the buyer explicitly assures themselves in advance, that the gold property and mineral estate has been lawfully-legally and appropriately staked, located and recorded within the mandatory jurisdictions and are in full compliance with the enforcing Federal and State lead agencies. (Federal: Bureau of Land Management--State: County Recorder and Assessor)


To sum-up, the impact and significance to these questions are that they provide the buyer with a checklist of advanced assurances and assertions which pre-qualifies and pre-quantifies the authenticity of both the landwork and chain of title documented within the public record.


Getting "all green-yes--positive" answers to these questions fundamentally establishes the platform which would enable anyone selling a mining claim the potential benefit of offering to the buyer an Iron-Clad Guarantee to the Mineral Title.


Over the course of over thirty years of providing quality mineral properties and mining/exploration services to the U.S. Mining Industry and the general public, we here at 2Prospectors.com have "always" offered  and presented to the client, an indisputable and irrefutable    "Guarantee" of TItle to the Mineral Rights of the Claimed Mineral Property being purchased.


       Any doubt, suspicion or discrepancy over any of these "questions" other than an implicit, positive "Yes", creates a "deficiency" causing a shadow, cloud

       or blatant break in the chain of title upon the mineral rights of the claim.  Concerns or misgivings upon any of these questions triggers a red flag of

       "buyer beware".



       "The Good News"  is that once these minimum standards of title have been established to exist,  all previous anxiety,  apprehension and fear

          relating to the bona fides of title, is removed and eliminated .  This is somewhat liberating in that it allows the propsective buyer to focus upon 

          the"site specific"aspects of their purchase--such as their investigation or research into assessing the attributes, merits and potential value of

          the mining claim--mineral property being offered and considered for purchase.  


       Use this information as a guideline or template so as to ascertain and assure yourself that your resource investment will be established and founded 

upon a secure and protected, undisputable mineral title.